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Now You Can Complete One Year Graduation & Post Graduation Degree From a Recognized University.


Online admission is one of India’s leading education advisers and career advice center and is committed to offering students the best guidance and helping them to explore their potential for a better life.

We give advice to students who reconsider their choice and believe in integrative education beyond pure reproductive education and pursue speculative expertise.

We focus on approaches that allow our students to improve critical thought, analytical skill and imagination with a dynamic atmosphere and ultramodern facilities.

In education consultancy, both domestic and foreign, online admission is a rapidly emerging brand name. Everyone understands the growing scope of education in other countries and the number of educational opportunities.

Online Admission as a pioneer in international education is a one-stop solution for all your foreign education needs with global linkages and a national presence. Our extensive experience strives to bring education to you across the world.

Online Admission is provided regular & distance degree certificate without exam courses like as One Sitting Graduation, One Year Graduation, Fast Track Degree, One Sitting degree in 1 year through various conceded college.

Online Admission has been providing world-class One Year Graduation Distance Education to thousands of students and working professionals across India. It is a matter of great pride that the excellent quality of Course material, Web Support, delivery methodology and student support services have been recognized.

Our Programs for One Year Graduation

Graduation Programs

 Bachelor of Arts (B.A)

 Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
 Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)
 Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech)
 Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT)
 Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)
 Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
 Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)
 Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)
 Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yoga Science (BNYS)
 Bachelor of Library & Information Science (B.Lib.)
 Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication (BJMC)

Post Graduation Programs

 Master of Arts (M.A)
 Master of Commerce (M.Com)
 Master of Science (M.Sc)
 Master of Social Work (MSW)
 Master of Fine Arts (MFA)
 Master of Physiotherapy (MPT)
 Master of Technology (M.Tech)
Master of Hotel Management (MHM)
 Master of Computer Application (MCA)
 Master of Business Administration (MBA)
 Master of Naturopathy & Yoga Science (MNYS)
 Master of Journalism & Mass Communication (MJMC)

Why Choose Us For One Year Graduation


UGC, DEB Appd University

Add some University Grants Commission (UGC) & Distance Education Bureau (DEB).


Fast Track Courses

Offering Graduation & Post Graduation fast Track Degree Mode


Flexibility & Convenience

Flexible examinations schedule & Convenient lecture timings.


Student Support

24 x 7 Constant academic supports from Expert Team.

We Have The Task.


The goal of Online Admission is to provide students with information on admission to well-known educational establishments, universities and colleges in India and abroad.

For those students wanting to complete their dropout/breakdown studies from famed universities, we also provide a safe, affordable and top-class education consultancy service in order to graduate in the quick course.

We Have The View


Online Admission provides a platform for educational consultants, where students can share their problems in education and find the best solutions.

We had begun with offering admission in traditional courses. But now we counseling IT, Management, Engineering and medical courses in reputed universities, colleges and institutions in India or Abroad Study.

About US


Online Admission is an educational consultant with a strong focus on quality and excellence in the academic sector. It was established in 2008 to provide students in the aspiring university, college and educational institutions in India with the best admissions counseling.

Applicants are going and assisted in finishing or discontinuing their studies. With more than 12 years of experience and achievements, they handle extreme counseling for various educational institutions both in India and elsewhere.

To help you succeed and finish the course on time and to give individual consultation sessions to current students, we provide accurate information to answer your questions on university degrees, course selection, and graduation soon.

We started out providing admission in conventional BA and BCOM one year graduation courses but we now provide IT, management, technical and medical services at renowned universities, colleges and institutions in India and abroad.

Payback Of Graduation In One Year.


There is numerous payback of graduation in one year for your job journey. Below is a panoramic view of the benefits of this  1 year graduation process. By taking a one year graduation examination, the student can stabilize the educational journey and save the loss of years.

The student can study in online and virtual mode. Students do not have to attend daily lessons every day, so they can work or do a family business during the day. Regardless of the student’s physical location, he or she obtains his / her degree while at the preferred site.

Students can save so many resources by applying for this distance 1 year graduation degree within one year that they missed while travels or on a lot of day-to-day costs. This entire money you save can be invested in your future efforts, essentially!

You can also gain your confidence and apply it in your professional and personal life to obtain your bachelor degree in 1 year. The one-year graduation degree is recognized by MHRD, UGC and so it can be used by students in their favourite enterprises to achieve great jobs.

The best thing about this fast track degree course is that the course fee is quite low from the conventional degrees, such as BCA one year degree, MCA one year degree, MBA one sitting degree, B.tech one year degree. You do not need to worry about its authenticity because a One Sitting Graduation all of the embassies approved this.

We provide degree certificate without exam trough one sitting graduation degree, graduation in one sitting, 1 year graduation .

One Year Graduation | One Sitting Graduation | Degree in 1 Year in India
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One Year Graduation | One Sitting Graduation | Degree in 1 Year in India
We offer One Year Graduation | One Sitting Graduation | Degree in 1 Year through the Single Sitting Mode from UGC, MHRD Appd Universities. Save Gap Year.
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